Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundereswarar Temple is inolved in many valuable community services like education, Annadhanam

Parking Facilities

Parking facility is also available in Ellis Nagar Parking area near Periyar Bus stand.

Clock Room

Safety Clock room facility is also available for the devotees at all Tower entrances.

Spiritual and moral education classes:

As announced by the Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, spiritual and moral education classes are conducted for children every Sunday from 4.00 p.m. to 5 p.m. More than 35 children are benefitting from these classes. These classes were inaugurated by the Hon. C. Durairaj, Minister for Local Administration on This scheme was also extended to the Arulmighu Mariamman temple at Teppakulam from 18.8.2002 on the advice of the Hon. Chief Minister. There are about 35 children attending these classes.

Other Activities:

In order to slake the thirst of devotees coming to the temple, Reverse Osmosis plant had been set up at the entrance to each towers and purified drinking water is made available to them.

To enable pilgrims from outside areas and travellers to stay, two and three bedded rooms and air conditioned rooms are available at affordable rates at `Birla Vishram’ travellers lodge on behalf of the temple. This lodge is situated near the entrance to the West Gopuram.

In order to disseminate spiritual knowledge to devotees a library with 1750 volumes is functioning in South Aadi street.

On important days discourses are delievered by spiritual leaders and college professors in the temple and satellite temples to promote spiritual thinking among the devotees. Saiva religious training classes, spiritual seminars, religious reawakening classes are conducted every year by the Temple.

To provide an insight into the importance of the temple, to understand the concept easily, to learn the history of the temple, audio and video cassettes as well as a tourist map of the temples of Madurai district, Thiruvilayadal Puranam, Thiruvadhavoor Thalapuranam, explanation of Hinduism, Meenakshiammai Pillai Thamizh, Angayarkanni Anupoodhi, The Great Temple of Madurai, Madurai through Ages and other works and pictures of Swamy and Amman are available at the temple book stall.

Girls Higher Secondary School

Under the auspices of the Temple administration, a girls higher secondary school called Arulmighu Meenakshi Sundareswarar Girls Higher Secondary School is being run near Teppakulam, Madurai. Since 7.6.1963. There are 1,266 students on roll here with a staff of 46, including the head mistress and other employees.

The temple is running a mercy home where indigent students are being provided lodging, food, clothing, text books, notes and other requirements. At present there are 46 girls in the home.

Free marriages are performed at a cost of Rs.3,000 for poor couples with temple funds.

In order to offer archana in Tamil, books for this purpose obtained from the office of Madurai Joint Commissioner had been distributed to all priests in the temple and now archana is being conducted in Tamil.

There are 18 guides authorised by the temple administration to guide devotees from other States and foreign countries.

On the first day of every Tamil month, special prayers with abhishegam are offered at the shrine of Sangam poets on the second corridor of the Swami Sannidhi. Special prayers are also conducted on the birth star days of the temple Adiyars and 63 Saints.